The UK General Election 2017

So the UK General Election 2017 is over bar some grumbling, analysis and backroom political negotiations. I feel I can raise my head above the parapet again however the last month or so has been very difficult.

We humans, we’re an odd bunch really. We get so involved in supporting our side, be that football or politics and with the advent of social media everyone is now able to scream into the void with their opinions. That in itself would be bad enough, except there’s this odd compulsion to verbally assault and denigrate anyone who differs from your personal world view.

The vehemence and vitriol being poured forth from ALL sides has been hard to deal with as an Aspie. People assume we have no empathy and are dead soulless robot math machines. It’s so far from the truth; I’m a deeply empathic person. I would go so far as saying my problem is TOO empathic. I pick up on negativity and feel it deeply and intensely.

Like the Scottish referendum and the Brexit referendum afterwards, this election has polarised the country into two (or three, or four.. but two main combatants) warring factions firing off insults with “startling precision like a sniper using bollocks for ammunition” (thank Tim Minchin for that XD)  It’s been increasingly difficult keeping one’s head down and not getting caught up in the cross fire.

As of writing this article, the polls suggest a hung parliament, with no one party in complete control. We’re facing another period of uncertainty as back room negotiations manoeuvre for power. My political leanings are my own, but let it be known I’m in favour of supporting our NHS, I’m against leaving Europe and I’m quite fond of the human rights act as it stands thank you very much! So needless to say I’m not too enamoured with the Conservative party and had hoped the collective forces of common sense would have ousted them. They’re weakened now, but not dead yet. And this is fuel for the fire of UK wide hatred.

We need to get over this and do the only thing that is truly good for the UK, all work together to ensure that NO MATTER the final result we’re all looking out for each and every one else.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Blue, Red, Yellow or Green or if you voted for Elmo or Buckethead. In the end we’re all in this country together, we all have a duty to our fellow man.

We all need to work together and stop the insults. They do more harm than you think.

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