Of Fidgets and Things

Fidget Spinners.

Love them or loathe them they’re everywhere at the moment. There’s been quite a hoo-hah on social media about them. Some people saying they should be banned, others staying they’re useless and pointless and others again stating that they’re a useful stimming toy and it doesn’t matter if you’re neurotypical or neurodivergent .

I was a late diagnosed aspie. It wasn’t picked up until I was 46. That’s really quite late but not as late as some. I never knew about asperger’s or autism at school and I certainly didn’t know anything about stimming or stim/fidget toys. But just because I didn’t know about them doesn’t mean I didn’t use them. When I was stressed or anxious I’d go to my favorite toy, my very own fidget cube….


or at least.. several of them !

As you can see it’s a particular toy I’ve never really grown out of. I find “playing” with these immensely satisfying and relaxing and in times of stress I still reach for a cube (or two) and solve it.  I do also have a 4 x 4 x 4 but alas it’s “a bit worse for wear”  after being inadvertently left on a bright sunny window sill.  As you can see the oranges look like yellows and the reds look like oranges XD It’s a bit faded but hopefully I’ll be able to replace the stickers at some point.


But the object of this post isn’t just to show off my sweet cube collection 😉 it’s to illustrate a point. Even before I knew I was on the autistic spectrum, long before I knew what stimming was, I was doing it and getting a sense of calm and satisfaction from doing it.
So , so what if fidget spinners are a fad and will be forgotten like loom bands in a month or so? So what if the majority of people playing with them are “neurotypical” (although what IS neurotypical anyway?) if it’s fun, and relaxing then let them spin..

if you excuse me I’m off to do some spinning too..

U R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L

if you get my spin 😉

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